members list

members list

Member's Name Business type Company/Business/Org Name
Peter Zhuang Real Estate Bristar Property
Tony Chee Law Auslaw Partners
Member's Name Business type Company/Business/Org Name
Ashley Huai Property Service Sydney Springfield Pty Ltd
Eric Dong Finance and Mortgage EK Mortgage
Jing Liu
John Christian Legal Services Victor Legal
Kenny Ma Finance Principal United Fortune Financial Pty Ltd
Lawrence Huang Property & business services Autaxdepreciation
Michael Nee Restaurant Michael’s Oriental
Rachael Zhong Finance and Accounting Abacus 360 Financial Solutions
Russell Dean Media Hype Creations
Shirley Huo Retail/ Trade Hong Ren Tang Australia
Simon Tang Mushroom Kenon Corporation Pty Ltd
Stanley Hsu Retail/ Trade MyCube Australia
Tracey Lennard Health True Form Health
Shibly Mustapha Veterinary Clinic Monty and Minx Veterinary Clinic
Member's Name Business type Company/Business/Org Name
Ashish Chadha Milcom Institue
Bill Li Real Estate Cedard International Pty Ltd
Denis Stephenson Solicitors-Property, Commercial, Leasing, Town Planning Tax Anderssen Lawyers
Dickson Tong Aus Modern Group Pty Ltd
Echo Hally Educational Inno International
Elsie Huang Tax and Accounting GPS Tax Solutions
Fiona Hii Management Rights Whab Pty Ltd
Freya Ostapovitch Property Services/buyers agent Lifeback Systems PTY LTD
Haroon(Mehar) Sufi(Bazaz) Real Estate Belluccio Property Group
Hongguang Liu Transport Industry
Jack Cao Kitchen Appliances Robam Appliance
Josh(Young) Guo(Yip) BPP Group
Laura Magon Real Estate Matrix Global
Leanne Sun Education Agent/Trainer Climb Holding
Lily Small LUX Business Sales & Advisory
Lily(Yun) Ling Sinshine 77
Lin(Jeff)-Wenlin Huang-Li Food & Beverage Tusu Healthy Liquor Pty Ltd
Lisa(Yihua) Lu Financial Insurance Sunlight Insurance & Financial Services Pty Ltd
Malcom Liang Imperial Wreath
Mandy Chen Hospitality Technology Gotaptap
Maria Artango Employment & Training Connect Employment Pty Ltd
Mary Rea Health Charisma Wellness
Michael(Elsie) Cho(Huang) Tax and Accounting GPS Tax Solutions
Miguel Chiu Real Estate Mantra Garden Resort
Mitchell Wan Infinity Path
Phoenix Zhi Education Ms Zhi Chinese School
Richard Yee KY Partners
Robert Lee Finance & Insurance BM Intelligence (Shanghai)
Rona Zhang Auschina Translation
Susan Shu
Wally Wei
Xiaoyu Li Lorraine Xiaoyu
Yuyu Yoyo Beauty
James Grafton Health & Medical Champion Health
Paul Shibu Logistics Chioce Express
Ming Wei Aged and Disability Care Oriental Care
Bahadur Singh Finance Broker Ausloans Services Pty Ltd
Priscilla Smith Tax Agent Cloud Nine Associates Pty Ltd
Brett Montgomery Timemethod
Leanne Want Arts San Cai Fine Arts
Ally Kollin Personal Injury Shine Lawyers
Peter Russso Politician Member for Toohey
Richard Tong EV Charger operator & BESS solutions providerer AXCharge Pty Ltd
Sharma Rohit Migration Star
Lorraine Li
Bitra Bashkara Bookkeeping Jay's Bookkeeping Servies
Jayshree Bashkara
Tina Yang
Cindy Zhao Solicitor NB Migration Law
Russel Chun Capita Projects Pty Ltd
Wally Wei
Grace Huang
Cindy Lin
Member's Name Business type Company/Business/Org Name
Angela Owen-Taylor
Kim Marx
Steven Huang
Zhi Lai
Christine Tsu Chao Zhong Talents
Member's Name Business type Company/Business/Org Name
Edmond Wong ILST - Live fish transport specialist
Member's Name Business type Company/Business/Org Name
Pushpa Vaghela Women’s Mentoring Foundation The Women’s Mentoring Foundation Ltd
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I had the pleasure of witnessing the Sunnybank Chamber of Commerce’s exceptional hospitality and warmth during their reception of an international delegation from Cambodia. The way they
welcomed the visitors with open arms and made them feel truly embraced was truly remarkable.

The Chamber’s dedication to building relationships, both locally and domestically, was evident throughout the entire visit. They seamlessly connected the Cambodian delegates with local businesses, fostering an environment of collaboration and growth. It was inspiring to see how they facilitated networking opportunities, enabling fruitful discussions and partnerships to blossom.

The Sunnybank Chamber of Commerce’s commitment to cultural understanding was also evident. They took the time to learn about Cambodian customs and traditions, ensuring a respectful and inclusive experience for the delegation. This level of attention to detail truly showcased their genuine desire to create a welcoming and enriching environment.

As a witness to their efforts, I can confidently say that the Sunnybank Chamber of Commerce goes above and beyond to foster international relations and support local businesses. Their exceptional ability to bridge gaps and create meaningful connections is commendable. I have no doubt that their dedication will continue to bring prosperity and growth to the community.

Bill McDonnell