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SEO is a bit of a tricky grey area. To stay ahead of the game and keep your website consistently ranking, Google needs to have updated content to read. Put simply, this means that sometimes the most cost effective way to update your SEO and keep your keywords up to date is to engage a copywriter to change what your website says. A great copywriter will be able to incorporate the top performing keywords in your industry into your on page content to ensure that Google knows that you mean business. Many will often feel uncomfortable with a content change. We get this, change is hard, but updating your content (and it may even be saying exactly the same thing in a different way) can take a couple of hours per page and pay huge dividends in rankings. In short – fresh content means you will get frequent indexing. This means that the search engines will drop by more often to check out your latest content, latest blogs and latest articles. When your site is being looked at more frequently you have the opportunity to achieve higher rankings based on your crafted content. The more content you have on your site and the more often you publish content you have more opportunities to include more keywords. High performing keywords for your industry are almost static but the mid performance keywords are where you can take the opportunity to freshen up your content with words that your customers are likely to type into their search engines to find your site. Frequently updating your website content with a long blog (think more than 1900 words) will give you the opportunity to set yourself up as an expert in the eyes of Google. Many webmasters set their goal in their professional lives to become seen as an expert by search engines. Once you are seen as an expert – AKA authority – the more your will be favoured by indexation. In SEO circles the rule is content is king. When your content is useful information, keyword driven, regularly updated, and well written you will move towards becoming an authority as far as the search engines are concerned. Being an authority gets you closer to that number one spot in a search across many high performing keywords. With that in mind, can you really justify not updating your content regularly?

Namrata Salunke
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