Team Building Retreat at the Kooralbyn Valley

Team Building Retreat at the Kooralbyn Valley

Over the last two days, our dedicated sales and marketing team attended a team-building retreat at the beautiful Kooralbyn Valley. Upon arrival, the team enjoyed a pub lunch together, ready and fueled up for the activities ahead.


After lunch, the team bonded over several team building activities, learning a bit more about each of their colleagues. Some interesting “secrets” and facts unraveled throughout these activities about each team member, and many laughs were shared! Who knew that Joe’s BMI is 24 or that Charlie has a collection of tiny car models? We could feel the team becoming closer by each minute that passed.


Later in the cooler afternoon, the team geared up to practise their golf swings on the driving range for the next day’s 18-hole golf journey. Luckily enough, we had two golfing experts on the team, Shane and Shuli, who were able to give the team some helpful tips and tricks. While several of the team members had never played golf before, we all managed to hit the ball after a few practice swings. The day concluded with presentations from each of the directors, as well as each of the team members. We shared out journeys with BriStar and the future that we envision moving forward. We gathered a good sense of how we can further build on the successes of BriStar as a team, even stronger and more efficient than we were before.


Early the next morning, after a delicious buffet breakfast, the team eagerly set out to put all of their practice to good use. While we can’t say that we have all become golfing experts over-night, we say that it was a day full of fun, laughs and getting to know each other even better


Following these couple of days, we know with certainty that the sales and marketing team have become more like a family. Sharing the same goals for BriStar’s future, this team is eager to achieve the company objectives while supporting one another each step of the way. A strong and connected team is key to the success of every business and we know that 2021 will be an even more successful year for BriStar! We want to say a big thanks to the sales and marketing team who embraced the weekend with all of their energy and to the organizers, Brett and Nian who ensured a successful outcome for the team building retreat!

Namrata Salunke
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