Coronavirus fears costing local businesses ‘millions’ says Sunnybank Chamber of Commerce

Some of Brisbane’s most popular Chinese restaurants say coronavirus fears have caused their worst-performing month in more than a decade, with a second wave of panic further impacting on business.

Robin Yu is the owner of Kingsfood, a restaurant that has operated in the southern Brisbane suburb of Sunnybank for almost 30 years.

He said his turnover was down 50 per cent.

“February, we had the worst month in the 11 years I’ve been managing this business, it’s never happened before,” he said.

“We’ve had quite serious impacts, not only my business but all around the Sunnybank area has dropped 50 per cent on average but I know some businesses are even worse up to 70 to 80 per cent.”


ABS News (Australia) – Rachel Riga

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