The Combined Pit and Pipe and Cable Hauling Pack are specially designed for the students who want to learn each and everything related to install telecommunication conduits and pits. As soon as you will complete this course you will get to learn about installing and recover of cables, customer lead-ins and haul underground cable, installation of multi-pair, coaxial, and optical fiber.

Just not only that but all the students will also get to know the remediation of already damaged or undersize pits.

What Are Pit And Pipes?

Pit and Pipe basically used for the purpose of dwellings having telecommunication cables that will install underground into shared local network pits. These pits are used to manage the connections between the wires or can say conduits.

Let us tell you that this kind of build is excellent for adjoined dwellings, horizontal multi-dwelling units, multiple stand-alone dwellings, empty lots obtained by a recently built private or public, and super lots.

What Are The Learning Outcome Of This Course?

This course has a number of benefits that you can’t even imagine. We have found some of the important learning outcomes of this course. Have a look:

  1. Maintain enough cable length adjustment for jointing
  2. Lubricate cable and haul exactly at the right pressure to decrease the chance of cable damage
  3. Employ cable pumps or rollers to make sure no sheath loss when pulling into and out of enclosures
  4. Conduct work in accordance with essential business, safety and workplace norms
  5. Free pipe and conduit internal surfaces from walls, and seal pipe entry into enclosure against access from outside matter

Combined Pit & Pipe and Cable Hauling Pack With MILCOM Institute

If you are interested to learn each and everything about the Pit and Pipe course from the experienced and certified training providers than MILCOM is perfect place for you.


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