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Member Category Business Type Company/Business/Org Name Contact First Name Contact Last Name Email Address
0. President + Gold Member China Direct Sourcing Lindy Chen [email protected]
1. Annual Gold Sponsor Property & business services Ironfish Aidan Zhu [email protected]
1. Annual Platinum Sponsor Finance & insurance CBA Laura Chen [email protected]
1. Annual Silver Sponsor Retail Kominos Wines Tony Comino [email protected]
2. Corporate member Other services Mater Foundation Nigel Harris [email protected]
2. Corporate member Service Bartercard Samantha Diplock [email protected]
2. Corporate member Building industry Dts Builder Bianca Rossi [email protected]
2. Corporate member Property Jewel Properties Agnes [email protected]
2. Corporate member Education service Small Business Solution Bosko Visic [email protected]
2. Corporate member Website Design & Security Vofer Lionel Thomas [email protected]
2. Corporate member Ridgeway Furnture Tao Wang [email protected]
2. Corporate member Accommodation, Banquet & Restaurant Hotel Jen, Brisbane Claire Huang [email protected]
2. Corporate member Wenjing Shi [email protected]
2. Corporate member Borgin and Doyle Ryll burgin doyle [email protected]
2. Corporate member lawyers bennett & philip Lawyers Sandy Zhang [email protected]
2. Corporate member Airline Company scoot pte ltd Dennis Basham [email protected]
2. Corporate member miracle of capital australia pty ltd Chen [email protected]
2. Corporate member Spring Hill Florist Annie Seah [email protected]
2. Corporate member Loans N1 Loans Rachel Hao [email protected]
3. Founding member Communication & trainng Auschina Translation Rona Zhang [email protected]
3. Founding member Media & marketing Australia M&X Marketing Group Meier Ma [email protected]
3. Founding member Accountancy Leader Accountancy Jerry Zhao [email protected]
3. Founding member Entertainment/Night Life Oz Night Market Pty Ltd Edmond Wong [email protected]
3. Founding member Property & business services REACH Mortgages Jonathan Chen [email protected]
3. Founding member Legal & migration services Goodman Lawyers Anthony Lin [email protected]
3. Founding member Media & marketing Top Results Online Andy Sun [email protected]
3. Founding member Property & business services Astute Group Jeremy Ng [email protected]
4. Gold Member Property & business services Queen’s Realty Tina Ha [email protected]
4. Gold Member Restaurant Jiuwanban Aus Yanchun Zhang [email protected]
4. Gold Member Accountancy Abacus 360 Financial Solutions Rachael Zhong [email protected]
4. Gold Member Finance & insurance BM Intelligence (Shanghai) Bo Li [email protected]
4. Gold Member Retail/trade S & P Holding Australia Sophia Zhong [email protected]
4. Gold Member Property & business services Autaxdepreciation Lawrence Huang [email protected]
4. Gold Member Retail/trade MyCube Australia Stanley Hsu [email protected]
4. Gold Member Retail/trade WNS Australia Wilbur Xu [email protected]
4. Gold Member Property & business services G T Studio Tracy Ni [email protected]
4. Gold Member Finance & insurance Liangs Forex Robin Liang [email protected]
4. Gold Member Retail/trade Hong Ren Tang Australia Shirley Huo [email protected]
4. Gold Member Retail/trade William Chung Pharmacy William Chung [email protected]
4. Gold Member Finance & insurance Hui Tong Finance Sean unknown [email protected]
4. Gold Member Legal & migration services Saal & Associates Lawyers Tina Chu [email protected]
4. Gold Member Restaurant Michael’s Oriental Michael Nee [email protected]
4. Gold Member Property & business services Masters Realty Robin Yu [email protected]
4. Gold Member Retail/trade The Furniture Club David Hou [email protected]
4. Gold Member Chinese School Miaomiao Chinese School Meilan Zhang [email protected]
4. Gold Member Travel Agency Morningside Travel Pty Ltd. Kristen Xie [email protected]
4. Gold Member Other services Easeme Mobile Massage Wayne Lin [email protected]
4. Gold Member Production Red Radiant Productions Pty Ltd Tomothy THE [email protected]
4. Gold Member Engineer J&J Engineering Yuan (Eric) Sun
4. Gold Member Nurse The Wesley hospital YanJuan Wang
4. Gold Member Aucloud Travel Frank Peng [email protected]
4. Gold Member Other services Deao Culture Gallery Ivy Wu [email protected]
4. Gold Member News agency Brisbane New TV (BNTV) Tavia Chan [email protected]
4. Gold Member Landlady Real Estate Pty Ltd Qinxia (Emily) Lin [email protected]
4. Gold Member Shu Lin [email protected]
4. Gold Member Mortgage and Broking Mortgaga choice Sunnybank Hills Li (Charlie) Zhu [email protected]
4. Gold Member Yang Xing Tang Yinghua (Joy) Lu [email protected]
4. Gold Member Auto Service use us Pty Ltd Allan Ikin
4. Gold Member Property Frank Property Frank Chang [email protected]
4. Gold Member Indepent Audit Services Jiahui(Jeremiah) Thum [email protected]
5. General Member Service and retail Tapfit Fiona Johnson [email protected]
5. General Member Other services Juvenaire Steve Thornton-Smith [email protected]
5. General Member Printing & design Sign it Up Kenny Hon [email protected]
5. General Member Property & business services Freedom Property Investors Amy Tang [email protected]
5. General Member Mining & Resources Steel Consulting Rob Steele [email protected]
5. General Member Media & marketing Chinese Brisbane Media Group Michael Han [email protected]
5. General Member Retail/trade AUSCN Trade and Investment Ryan Ye [email protected]
5. General Member Other services Pure Latin America Travel Group Alejandro Moscoso [email protected]
5. General Member Property & business services SEQ Property Services “William
Hu [email protected]
5. General Member Mining & Resources Zhong Mao Resources Enterprise Laura Fu [email protected]
5. General Member School Brisbane Chinese School Qin Qian [email protected]
5. General Member Financial Services,Property property Investment, Risk Insurance Oz Dream Financial Services Max Ding [email protected]
5. General Member IT recruitment Recruit and Deliver Pty Ltd Praneil Raniga [email protected]
5. General Member Individual SunPaC Brisbane Pty Ltd. Sarah Boon [email protected]
5. General Member Retail Lorna Jane China Ying Wang [email protected]
5. General Member Corporation Vision Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd Rachel Hao [email protected]
5. General Member KY Partners Richard Yee
5. General member Real estate investment and export Healthcue Australia Pty Ltd Wayne Chen
5. General member Huahua Wang
5. General Member International Freight Forwarder Colless Young Pty Ltd Jim Cliffin [email protected]
5. General Member Meilin Lim [email protected]
5. General Member Consualt Amplifi Governance Deborah Coren [email protected]
5. General Member Other services Freedom Immigration Emma Drynan [email protected]
5. General Member Other services Xiu Zhen Ge Jenny Gao [email protected]
5. General Member Real estate JYM PTY LTD Yu Cao [email protected]
5. General Member Banking/Finances/Advisory New Wave Captial Dave Garnier [email protected]
5. General Member Providing professional services to high-tech start-ups Summit Tech Pty Ltd Haofeng Lu
5. General Member Li Cui [email protected]
5. General Member Yung’s Trading Limited Jenny Yung [email protected]
5. General Member Artdec Pty Ltd Zhewen (James) Li [email protected]
5. General Member Endeavour to help business to create their apps, webs Universapp Yang (Ben) Liu [email protected]
5. General Member Sports clothes manufactory Premium Factory Solution Jason Song [email protected]
5. General Member Telstra Business Sales Manager Huaying (Sam) HSU (XU) [email protected]
5. General Member Kelmat Communications Pty Ltd Matthew Moore [email protected]
5. General Member Anita Zhang [email protected]
5. General Member Crystal Dong [email protected]
5. General Member Real Estate Cedar International pty ltd Bill Li [email protected]
5. General Member Service HarkHark Pty Ltd Hazel Chu
5. General Member Hair Cut Hoshi Hair & Beauty Hong Zheng [email protected]
5. General Member Printing & design FYI Design Felicity Yang [email protected]
5. General Member C&J Trade and Service Carrie Xu [email protected]
5. General Member Food & Restaurant Sushi Lovers Tracy Chen [email protected]
5. General Member Property Development Golden Waffle Property Trust Mandy Chen [email protected]
5. General Member Real Estate Remax Reg De Baritault [email protected]
5. General Member Freehold Property Group Jim Shen [email protected]
5. General Member Rong Ke [email protected]
5. General Member Jol International Pty Ltd Jingnian Liu [email protected]
5. General Member software Ken Naran [email protected]
5. General Member ADRN PTY LTD Adrian Ford
5. General Member Silkstone Store Natalie Ho [email protected]
5. General Member financial planning / mortage broker wealthone pty ltd mark wong [email protected]
5. General Member Yongjun chen [email protected]
5. General Member Property Gold coast property services Lihong Benton
5. General Member Car Broker the vehicle broker richard comer [email protected]
5. General Member accountant LYI financial&taxation services Gina Luo [email protected]
5. General Member migration lawyers visaways asutralia Cristian Aguirre [email protected]
5. General Member steele consulting pty ltd rob steele [email protected]
5. General Member hualong enterprise pty ltd phenix zhang [email protected]
5. General Member Property Arise Property Cindy Lin [email protected]
5. General Member Retail/trade O Exports / UTOPIA Freya Ostapovitch [email protected]
6. Associate Member Individual Alex Chai Alex Chai [email protected]
6. Associate Member Individual Ian Orrell Ian Orrell [email protected]
6. Associate Member Individual Jiang Yu John Yu [email protected]
6. Associate Member Individual Johnny Shin Johnny Shin [email protected]
6. Associate Member Individual Weson Wu Weson Wu [email protected]
6. Associate Member SCC trainer Pete Baines Pete Baines [email protected]
6. Associate Member No Business No Business Linda Zhang [email protected]
6. Associate Member No Business No Business Duncan Pegg [email protected]
6. Associate Member No Business No Business Tom Huang [email protected]
6. Associate Member No Business No Business Leon Sullivan [email protected]
6. Associate Member No Business No Business Mary Ma [email protected]
6. Associate Member Ting Chen [email protected]
6. Associate Member Accountant Queesland Gas Company Dionne Liu [email protected]
6. Associate Member Legal Park & Co Lawyers Mengpei Gao [email protected]
6. Associate Member Grace Qiu [email protected]
6. Associate Member Lynne Dong [email protected]
6. Associate Member Derek Pan [email protected]
6. Associate Member Marcus Tan [email protected]
6. Associate Member Marie Guo [email protected]
6. Associate Member Mengting Fang [email protected]
6. Associate Member Hui Ding [email protected]
6. Associate Member Tao Li [email protected]
6. Associate Member Isabella Luo [email protected]
6. Associate Member Paula White [email protected]
6. Associate Member Cece Xiong [email protected]
6. Associate Member Jun Chen [email protected]
6. Associate Member student Daisy Zhu [email protected]
6. Associate Member student Nan Jiang [email protected]
6. Associate Member student Yaning Qiao [email protected]
6. Associate Member student Elsile Li [email protected]
6. Associate Member student blythe zhang [email protected]
6. Associate Member student lulu liu [email protected]
6. Associate Member Annie Sun-speeding [email protected]
6. Associate Member Grace Yuan [email protected]
6. Associated member No Business Yun Zhang
7. Adviser Individual Lynn Hu Lynn Hu [email protected]
7. Adviser Individual Michael Choi Michael Choi [email protected]
7. Adviser Individual Michael Ma Michael Ma [email protected]
7. Adviser Individual Simone De Hass Simone De Hass [email protected]
15 Finance & insurance Anxin Wealth Management Guan Un [email protected]